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What are the best food dishes?

International cuisine: the most famous international cuisine in a tour around the world's kitchens

We often look for appetizing and delicious food that takes us into a world of distinct taste, but having a long journey among distinctive international dishes is a treasure because touring international kitchens and tasting their most delicious foods and dishes is a beautiful and enjoyable habit.

They say that the taste of food has an artistic sense that many people do not enjoy, and therefore each country offers a special dish similar to it, to have a different taste among its tourists, leaving a special character and a distinctive taste, as food is considered one of the best things that can introduce us to the culture of any country.

This article takes us on a tour of international cuisine from different kitchens around the world so that we can taste together a journey of fun and art in presenting dishes.


Italy is famous for its “pasta” dish, which is pasta and is served with many different sauces, spices, and ingredients, the most famous of which is the “Angel Hair Pasta with Amatriciana Sauce”, and this dish consists of meat, zucchini, and beans.

And the “Bavallina Pizza” dish, consists of thin and toasted dough from the edges, and peppers, figs, lemons, mushrooms, leafy greens, and Buffalo mozzarella cheese are placed on it, with San Marzano tomato sauce.


English cuisine is characterized by the “Fish and Chips” dish, meaning cod and fried potatoes, which is one of the most famous English meals, where the fish is fried until it gets a golden color, and usually roasted or mashed peas are added to the dish, and sometimes you may find a dish of rings Muhammara onions as a side dish but you have to order it yourself.


As for Spain, it is distinguished by the Spanish omelet, Tortilla Espanola. This dish is one of the most famous and beloved dishes in Spain, and its basic ingredients are: (eggs, potatoes, and onions cooked in olive oil), and this dish has many forms, as there are thick and thin ones. Although it is said that this dish is easy to prepare, it is one of the dishes that require a special technique in cooking it.

Spanish cuisine does not end with its delicious recipes, as there is the Arroz Negro black rice dish

One of the most popular dishes in Spain is rice dishes of many different types, including green rice with clams, rice with beans and turnips, and rice with salty cod.

As for our dish today, black rice consists of: (white rice, squid, seafood stock, olive oil, sweet peppers, onions, and squid ink “the element that turns the color of rice black”).


And if we talk about the best international dishes, we must mention France, which is usually characterized by pastries, the most famous of which is croissants, but today’s dish is French onion soup, as this traditional soup is made from onions and meat broth, and it is usually served with toast and melted cheese on top. 

The origin of this soup goes back to the Romans, and it was considered one of the dishes of the poor. 

The wonderful taste in this soup comes from the sautéed and caramelized onions that are cooked slowly, usually with the addition of meat broth or water, and milk, eggs, or flour are added to make the soup thick.

Arab countries 

If we take this tour of international cuisine from the kitchens of the whole world, we cannot forget our authentic Arab cuisine, which is characterized by a unique taste, as each Arab country has its dish that expresses its culture and traditions.

However, we chose the Kabsa dish for you, which is a distinct dish of Saudi origin and is one of the most famous Arab dishes ever. 

Kabsa is one of the main dishes served on occasions, invitations, and Ramadan breakfasts. The dish consists of sliced ​​meat, rice, and boiled chickpeas, in addition to spices and cinnamon, and is decorated with raisins and almonds.