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 Health vs Fitness


Health and fitness have long been equated and used in conjunction as if they both mean the same thing.

 At best, both are considered free, hence the phrase health and fitness. Many of us assume that one flows from another, and if one is appropriate, is healthy and vice versa. 

However, the reality is somewhat different with only physical fitness being a component of the overall criteria that decides a person's health. It is possible for a person to be fit but not be healthy while a person who looks healthy may not be healthy at all. Let's take a closer look.


According to the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

This means that, if one is in good health, he is not only free from any disease he is also happy emotionally and psychologically. If you are healthy, you are in better shape to deal with the challenges and stresses of life.

 They may be highly fit and agile to perform difficult, physical exercises, but if they are not socially fit, they cannot be considered healthy.

This means that it is the physical component of our health that can be equated with our physique as our mental, psychological, emotional, and social well-being means as much to our health as our physique. 

Health is a subjective matter, and a person's health cannot be measured because it involves their social and emotional well-being.


We get feedback on our physique when we are in shape and look graceful. 

People who do regular exercises or go to the gym to do exercises are still fit, and this is reflected in their physical appearance. 

It follows from this that physical fitness is a measure of our ability to do physical work and exercises, and it is a component of our health that relates to our stamina, endurance, and power. 

You are considered suitable if you can jump, run, lift weights and participate in sporting activities. However, your physical fitness does not mean performing physical activities to the standards of the Olympic Games or any other international level.

 It only means that a person is fit if all physical activities in his or her life can be completed efficiently and effectively. 

Fitness is a sport that requires higher levels of agility, stamina, and endurance.

Health has many aspects such as physical, mental, and emotional, and fitness is the physical component of health.

• Being healthy does not simply mean freedom from disease or infirmity, because emotional and social well-being contributes greatly to health.

Fitness is measurable while health is not.

• Flexibility, strength, and stamina together make up our physique.

• Our ability to do physical exercises reflects our level of physical fitness, but to be healthy, all one needs is the ability to perform physical activities in daily life effectively and efficiently.

• Our physique is only one part of our health, and that is our physical health.

Having health and fitness is desirable but having fitness at the expense of health is not desirable.

• You can train to be fit, but you cannot train to be correct

Being healthy does not necessarily mean that you are healthy.

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Tips for staying healthy.

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